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Daniel C Rivadeneyra

Owner of Luxurious Landscapes & C.O.O of Desert Landscape Creations

Daniel has been working with landscapes since 2000. He is highly experienced and utilizes proper horticulturally ideal methods throughout, and specializes in any and all landscape designs, which widely range from Xeriscapes to sub-tropical masterpieces. With his vast knowledge, friendly demeanor and excellent work ethic, Daniel will make sure that your property luxuriously stands out from the rest.

Daniel "Dan" Rivadeneyra

C.E.O. & License Holder of Desert Landscape Creations (Registered Contractor)

Dan has been working with landscapes since 1979. He has professional expertise in multiple states. He has much to offer with his in-depth background in the landscape industry. He brings a profound basis to any type of landscape transformation with much experience with desert landscape architecture, including all types of masonry and decorative finished work as well as many completed unique designs to show for. He'll make sure his desert creation for you is amazing.

The Two Foremen

The "Two Daniels" might be the head honchos, but they're not alone in making your landscape luxurious. Our crew has choice foremen, Chris & Adam, both of whom are knowledgeable, hard-working, critiqued to the company's many high standards and take their reflection of the company very serious. Whether it's a landscape installation project or maintaining your landscape, your property has never been in better hands!